As a seeker of truth, I am primarily interested in progressive realization. In this pursuit, I go through many interesting processes. This search is also presents itself in my growing trust in intuition. This allows me to increasingly penetrate the limits of the physically tangible, and connect to the forces beyond the backdrop surrounding us. In my oil paintings, elements from the physical world become carriers for content from the spiritual world. In the soul portraits, these elements contain specific information for specific people. The archive shows how I have worked in the past.

I was born Bernadette Klasz in Vienna in 1971. I studied conservation and restoration at the Academy of Fine Arts, married early, and brought 5 children into the world. Alongside the restoration work and caring for my children, I always painted, made videos for a time, and worked as a craftsman or worked passionately in the garden. After my marriage ended, I began to more intensely pursue the search for my life’s work, and every day I learn something new about being. I still adore plants because they are such great teachers.